Vinyl Flooring - Flooring Questions
1.30 What kind of flooring should I use?

Q. I need to replace the carpet in my master bedroom. The flooring that leads up to the bedroom is a blond laminate. I do not want that in the bedroom. I also don't want carpet again. Would it be strange to do a different color wood floor? All that is under the carpet is plywood. I want to do this myself. Any suggestions?

A. For resale value of the house, you should stick with the same or a similar color. If there is wood in the room, you could match it to that. If you aren't that crazy about the blond color, use some throw rugs. Never buy flooring to match furniture. Furniture is temporary & floors are not usually.

1.20 Kitchen renos, does the flooring need to go under the cabinets?

Q. I've seen this on a show once where they put the flooring (laminate) flush up against the cabinets, rather than doing all floors first THEN putting in cabinets. I think it was just for their demo purposes, but i'm wondering if that's okay to do? or will it look bad?

A. Over the years this question has come up with many of the home owners I have remodeled kitchens for. There are a few rules of thumb to take into account. First whenever you have the opportunity to install new cabinets where a new laminate floor is going to be installed there are problems with installing the floor under the cabinets. Most newer laminate floors are meant to be allowed to move. With varying degrees of humidity and fluctuating room temperature changes, expanding and contracting can take place and if you lock the floor under the cabinets, you will prevent the floor from doing what is natural. It would seem then that the solution would be to install the flooring up against the cabinets. However keep in mind that whenever you install the floor up against the cabinets, you will loose countertop height. That is, if your countertops were set at 36" off the floor and you install a 1/2" flooring up against the cabinets, now your countertops will be 35 1/2" from the new laminate flooring. This may not seem like much, but if you are tall, every little bit height counts. The solution that I have always used was to install plywood the same thickness as the flooring under the cabinets and then install the flooring up against the plywood edges. Now you will install a shoe mold or other molding over top of the new laminate floor, but make sure you attach the molding to the cabinets and not the floor. This again, will allow the flooring to move without restriction. With the molding installed up against the cabinets it will cover up any signs that there is plywood under the cabinets. Another thing to note is that when you install the flooring it is best to give it a little clearance from the walls and cabinets and again make sure that when you install the molding, nail it to the walls, baseboard or cabinets and not to the flooring. You can find out more about flooring installations and techniques, by clicking on the following link. Plus, check out some great flooring videos on the subject as well by clicking on the following link. I hope this will help you out. Rick

1.20 What to use as underlay under vinyl flooring on a concrete floor?

Q. I am about to have some vinyl flooring fitted in my kitchen and would grateful for any suggestions as to what I can use for cushioning and to try and keep the floor as warm as possible under foot. I have had vinyl flooring before and it is still hard and cold when standing on the flooring. I have even tried cork tiles and this did not seem to make a huge difference. Would a laminate and wood flooring underlay be suitable or would this be a waste of time? I should add that I am in the UK.

A. An idea, There is a product by DRIcore subfloor which is designed to be put over concrete floors in basements, playrooms etc, this may be something you would want to look into, it would serve all your needs. Lowes carries this by the way, here's a link to the DRIcore website

1.20 What happensif my vinyl flooring was flooded due to a busted main pipe on the upper floor of our condo?

Q. The flooring is vinyl, will it also affect the other areas? It already showed discoloration. The condo was empty for 3 months and when we found out that it was flooded when we decided to do our cleaning. And was shocked to see a puddle! Later we learned the the pipe was busted 8 days ago! The admin of the condo will only pay for half of the floor area of 50sq meters. Should I agree to that or they should change all flooring?

A. It's all gonna come up sooner or later.

1.20 What type of sub floor should I install under vinyl flooring?

Q. This is in the bathroom. Right now we are down to the bare wood planks. What should we use as a sub floor before installing the vinyl flooring?

A. Most commonly called luan, ( 1/4" smooth on one side ply) Screws, ring shanked nails or you can rent a special stapler to put it down with. Use a special joint compound on the seams and any small imperfections in the wood. Dries an matter of minutes , 1/2 hr at the most. Most commonly used for this is called Ardex, but there are others on the market. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar..GL

1.20 If a professional installer is putting down vinyl flooring....?

Q. Would he know ahead of time he needed a roller to roll the floor and seams? The man who did mine said he's done about 30 floors, but had to go rent a roller to insure adhesion. He acted like he did me a favor by not charging me for it, but wouldn't a professional know to have this on hand before laying a vinyl floor? Just curious. Thanks.

A. Yes, he would. He screwed up and was trying to feed you a line of bull....

1.20 Ideas for flooring in a small block house with concrete floors?

Q. We are fixing up a small house and need some ideas that aren't too costly for concrete floors. They have been sealed before and painted a medium gray color, but we were thinking hardware floors or another alternative. Any ideas of something we can do ourselves and still look professional?

A. Hardwood floors are great for living areas, but I prefer vinyl flooring for kitchens and baths. Sure tile looks great, but it's also very cold on a concrete slab house. Vinyl is also less expensive. If the house is really small, opt for carpet in the living areas. You can get some great inexpensive remants in small sizes and it makes it cozy and is still professional. I think hardwood floors are going to be trending out here shortly anyway.

1.20 Vinyl Flooring Installation Questions (Canada)?

Q. I have a couple questions.....does anyone have any experience dealing with the big box stores for vinyl sheet flooring installation? One of the reasons I am asking is because I can't possibly move my fridge and stove by myself . I need it moved for installation and then moved back when it has cured. Is this part of the service? (HD, Rona,Lowes, etc) Also, there is linoleum as an original floor and then previous owners used vinyl tile on top of that. Is it okay to just install on top of that or should I take it all off, or just the vinyl tiles off? If i take the vinyl tiles off will the linoleum tiles also come off and me have a huge mess to deal with? Arggg...the joys of budget renovating

A. It would be cheaper to put down a 1/4" sub floor over top what is already there. It comes in 4' x 8' sheets but I am not sure what it runs price wise in Canada. I am from the U.S. The large big box stores will lay it for you but I would check a couple places and find out what it costs. They do move out the fridge and stove. An idea is - if you have a drawer in your stove, take the drawer out and see if the floor is extended under your stove. A stove is not too hard to move. Also, if you can borrow a hand truck a fridge is not too hard either especially if you can empty it - take all the bottles out and clean it good. Another thought, once the sub floor is layed, maybe you want to try to install your floor yourself. Tiles or large width vinyl. There again, you would not have to take anything up or lay a sub floor if you would decide to put that new hardwood-look-alike vinyl floor. You lay a membrane like cushion down and then lay the vinyl wood on top of it - it just snapes together. A woman can do it in an afternoon. Read the directions, I believe you take the moulding off around the walls and then start 1/2" in, and after the floor is down, you put new mouldings down to match. Good luck.

Vinyl Flooring

 Flooring - Vinyl Flooring More Americans choose to install vinyl floors in their home than any other floors. This is an affordable flooring material that is also easy to care for. The vinyl flooring combines good looks, ease of maintenance and durability to give you a floor that is ideally suitable for any room in your >, Ohio area house. They can be easily used in high traffic areas, like kitchens and basements. Vinyl flooring comes in the form of vinyl floor tiles and sheet vinyl. There are a great number of styles and colors to choose from.

You can install vinyl flooring tiles in both homes as well as commercial areas like super markets etc. Vinyl flooring tiles for home use can range from the inexpensive end of the scale that consists of self stick tiles that look just like ceramic tiles, to heavier, thicker marble-like tiles that are better looking and boast of natural looking patterns. Both these types of vinyl tiles are available in 12" X 12" sizes and above. The luxury tiles are usually installed using the full spread method, but self stick luxury tiles are also available. Patterns are easy to create with both inexpensive and luxury tiles.

For a vinyl floor to look as good as it can, make sure that the sub floor installation is well done. Any imperfections in the sub floor can result in an unevenly laid out vinyl floor. Get your tiles installed by a professional flooring company, who can ensure that the tiles are laid close enough without gaps or cracks in between. Use recommended cleaners to use your vinyl floor, and protect from sharp and heavy objects. Use rugs at strategic places to prevent sand and grit from entering the house.

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